An urban couple. With them, “Libas” ikon script. In respect to promoting the importance of associate degree illicit affair. there’s a relationship between husband and mate, in addition as troubled. Film Censor Board, consistent with the authorities, illicit affairs, relations and also the relationship between husband and mate is torn, in addition as a additional open read. Adverse effects on the community. that flick censor board of India on behalf of the given issue isn’t doable.Director Gulzar. book he wrote. The film asterisked rule babbar, nasirudding Shah, Shabana has, Sushma Seth, utpal, annu kapursah. ikon music music and music has run Rahul dev burman .The film is in charge of zee studios.”Libas” image was inbuilt 1988. however at that point failed to issue the Indian film censor board. “Libas”  is that the image a trifle additional adult suspect. ‘ can not be ‘ class and clearance.

“Libas”  producer Vikas Mohan. His 2 sons, Amal Vikas Mohan and anshul development in initiatives or area unit discharged, this fascinating film. Amol Mohan told PTI the event, “the film at that point it absolutely was unacceptable to unharness a range of reasons. it absolutely was my father’s dream, regarding the film. Now, we are able to offer you a true style of dream. within the middle of this year, the film are discharged. “In India, a well known filmmaker, songwriter, scriptwriter, producer and writer Gulzar’s birthday on August eighteen. This year the corporate graded his eighty three birthday “Libas” dedicated to the film.   (Hindustan Times, India times) 


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